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  • Stentor SR1515DPA Electric Violin Set

    Stentor SR1515DPA Electric Violin Set, Electric Violin 4/4 Set, Artec piezo pickup with tone and volume controls, Handmade, Made from solid tonewoods, Fingerboard: Ebony, Tuning pegs: High-quality ebony, Chinrest is made from hardwood, Lightweight tailpiece with four fine tuners, Colour: Purple, Includes a.
    Stentor SR1515DPA Electric Violin Set »

    3900 SEK


  • Rycote Baseball 19/20

    Rycote Baseball 19/20, Universal Windscreen, 75 mm diameter, Very little effect on the sound of the microphone, Fast installation, Additional protection for microphones against damage, Weight: 17 g, Suitable for DPA 4018A, Schoeps CMC series, Sennheiser MKH 8040 + MZX, MKH 8050 + MZX.
    Rycote Baseball 19/20 »

    285 SEK


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