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  • Bella 770M Mandolin SilvPl. Medium

    La Bella 770M Mandolin Silv.Pl. Medium, String Set for Mandolin, Thickness: Medium tension, Material (winding): Silver-plated copper, Winding type: Round wound, warm sound, Loop ends, Packaged in a protective atmosphere to prevent tarnishing and to maintain freshness, String thicknesses: .010/.010, .014/.
    Bella 770M Mandolin SilvPl. Medium »

    1252 SEK


  • Yamaha YTR-8335LA S

    Yamaha YTR-8335LA S, Bb Trumpet, Z Series, Wayne Bergeron model, Diameter 11.65 mm, ML Bore (.459""), Brass bell with a diameter 127 mm, Large tuning slide, Monel valves, Z-modified gold brass mouth pipe, Modified 8310Z bell, Silver-plated, Incl.
    Yamaha YTR-8335LA S »

    336529 SEK


  • Yamaha YTR-8335LA Trumpet

    Yamaha YTR-8335LA, Bb Trumpet, Z series, Wayne Bergeron model, Ø 11.65 mm ML bore (.
    Yamaha YTR-8335LA Trumpet »

    299659 SEK


  • Bach A47MLR Artisan Trombone

    Bach A47MLR Artisan Trombone, Bb / F-Tenor Trombone, Artisan series, La Rosa model, Modular system, Open-wrap construction, Brass outer pull, Traditional rotary valve, Reversed main slide with brass bow, Nickel-silver inner slide, .547"" (13.90 mm) L-bore, Diameter Ø: 8.5"" (216.
    Bach A47MLR Artisan Trombone »

    654040 SEK


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