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  • Mapex 13x5,5"" DL Cherry Bomb NSW

    Mapex 13"" x 5.5"" DL Cherry Bomb NSW , Snare Drum, Size: 13"" x 5.5"", Black Panther Design Lab Series, Drum shell: 5.1 mm thick, made from cherry wood, Sonic Saver hoops, Chrome hardware finish, 1:9 Bearing edge, PureSound wires, SONIClear bearing edge, Design Lab snares follow the ""Hybrid"" concept, i.e.
    Mapex 13x5,5"" DL Cherry Bomb NSW »

    4486 SEK


  • Mapex 14x05"" DL Equinox Flat Black

    Mapex 14""x05"" DL Equinox Flat Black, Snare Drum, Size: 14"" x 05"", Black Panther Design Lab series, Drum shell material: Maple with reinforcing rings, Single flanged hoops with offset lugs, 45° SONIClear bearing edge, Puresound snare wire, The ""Design Lab"" snares follow the concept of ""hybrid"", that is.
    Mapex 14x05"" DL Equinox Flat Black »

    6082 SEK


  • CAZZ Snare 14x5,5"" Robinia

    CAZZ Snare 14""x5,5"" Rubinia, 14"" x 5,5"", stave shell, shell material: Rubinia Wood, high-gloss lacquered shell, shell thickness: 6mm (Midth), 17mm reinforcement hoops, bearing edge 45°, 2,3mm steel hoops, chrome shell hardware, fine threaded screws, Puresound 16-stranded snare wire, Nickel Drumworks snare.
    CAZZ Snare 14x5,5"" Robinia »

    7578 SEK


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