Ultrasone - Musikinstrument

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  • Ultrasone Pro-480i

    Ultrasone Pro-480i, Headphone, S-Logic Plus technology, Foldable, Closed construction, Circumaural, Dynamic, Impedance 32 ohms, Sound pressure level 96 dB, Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz, Straight cable with 1 m length, 3.5 mm stereo jack with screw-on adapter to 6.
    Ultrasone Pro-480i »

    936 SEK


  • Ultrasone PRO-780i

    Ultrasone PRO-780i , Headphones, Can be folded, Closed construction, Circumaural, S-Logic Plus Technology, ULE technology (ULE = Ultra Low Emission) for the reduction of low-frequency fields, Drivers: 40 mm mylar-titanium diaphragm, Impedance: 35 ohm, Frequency response: 10 - 26,000 Hz, 2.
    Ultrasone PRO-780i »

    1661 SEK


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