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  • Audix F50S

    Audix F50S, Speech and vocal microphone, Dynamic, With on / off switch, Polar pattern: Cardioid, Frequency range: 50 - 16,000 Hz, Impedance: 250 Ohm, Maximum sound pressure level: 138 dB, Solid steel mesh head, Tremendously feedback-resistant, Very low handling noise, Affordable entry into the Audix.
    Audix F50S »

    7936 SEK


  • Audix APS-910

    Audix APS-910, Phantom power adapter / Condenser electronics, For electret microphones, Mini-XLR 3-pin on XLR-male, Suitable for ADX40, ADX60, MicroD, HT5.
    Audix APS-910 »

    3675 SEK


  • Audix ADX 10

    Audix ADX 10, Condenser lavalier microphone, Polar pattern: Cardioid, Frequency range: 50 - 18,000 Hz, Cable length: 90 cm, Impedance: 800 Ohm, 120 dB SPL max, Sensitivity: 4.5 mV / Pa @ 1k, Requires 9-52 V phantom power in conjunction with the optional APS910, 3-Pin TQG female connector, Incl.
    Audix ADX 10 »

    20079 SEK


  • Audix VX-10

    Audix VX-10, Professional Condenser Vocal Microphone, 48-52 V Phantom power needed, For high SPL (138 dB), Frequency range: 40 Hz - 20 kHz, Polar pattern: Cardioid, Stable housing, Low feedback, Is used by the greats such as Sting, etc!, Weight: 319 g.
    Audix VX-10 »

    51118 SEK


  • Audix WS10S

    Audix WS10S, Foam Windshield, Suitable for ADX 10, ADX20i, Micro-D, Micro-HP, Colour: Black.
    Audix WS10S »

    682 SEK


  • Audix Studio Elite 8 Drumcase

    Audix Studio Elite Drumcase, Drum Microphone Set, In high-quality aluminium carrying case, consisting of: 1x D6 (bass drum), 1x D4 (bass drum / floor tom), 2x D2 (toms), 1x i-5 (snare), 1x SCX1-hc (overhead / hi-hat), 2x SCX 25-A (overheads), 4x D-Vice (gooseneck rim clips), 2x SMT 25 shock mounts for SCX25-A.
    Audix Studio Elite 8 Drumcase »

    285223 SEK


  • Audix D4

    Audix D4, Special microphone, For floor toms and bass drums, Professional dynamic microphone, Hypercardioid polar pattern, Frequency range: 38 - 19,000 Hz, Impedance: 200 Ohm, Maximum SPL: 144 dB, Also suitable for electric bass guitars.
    Audix D4 »

    18694 SEK


  • Audix CBL-V360

    Audix CBL-V360, Cable, For connecting microphones to pocket transmitters of the RAD360 series, Plug: XLR 3-pin female to mini XLR 3-pin female, Colour: Anthracite.
    Audix CBL-V360 »

    2865 SEK


  • Audix Fusion FP-5 Drumset

    Audix Fusion FP-5 Drumset, Drum Microphone Set, 1x F-6 Bass drum microphone, 3x Audix F-2 tom microphone, 1x Audix F-5 snare microphone, Incl.
    Audix Fusion FP-5 Drumset »

    42384 SEK


  • Audix SMT CX112

    Audix SMT CX112, Shock Mount, Fits Audix CX112.
    Audix SMT CX112 »

    5166 SEK


  • Audix M1250B-c

    Audix M1250-B-c, Small Condenser Microphone, Polar pattern: Cardioid, Length: 54 mm, Diameter: 12 mm, Frequency: 50 Hz - 19 kHz, Max. SPL 140 dB, For 18 - 52 V phantom power, Colour: Black, Includes 7.
    Audix M1250B-c »

    48988 SEK


  • Audix TM-1 Plus

    Audix TM-1 Plus, Test, Measurement and Recording Microphone, Pre-polarised 6mm condenser capsule, Omnidirectional, Transmission 20 Hz - 25 kHz (+/- 2 dB), Max SPL 140 dB, For 18-52 V phantom power, Output impedance 200 Ohm, Dynamic range 112 dB, Suitable for real time analyser, measurements, tests, room.
    Audix TM-1 Plus »

    47922 SEK


  • Audix OM 3

    Audix OM 3, Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone, Characteristics: Hyper-Cardioid, For highest SPL (140dB), Stable housing, Low feedback, Extremely clear voice reproduction, Ideal for any pop/rock live gigs.
    Audix OM 3 »

    12676 SEK


  • Audix APS 2

    Audix APS 2, 2-Channel Phantom Power Adapter, 2 x XLR female input, 2 x XLR male output.
    Audix APS 2 »

    13688 SEK


  • Audix DP-Quad

    Audix DP-Quad, Drum mic set@+*Consists of:*@+@+, 1x Audix D6 bass drum microphones, 1x i5 snare mic, 2x ADX51 overhead and hi-hat microphones, With D-Vice rim clip and microphone case for up to 9 microphones, 2x Windscreens for ADX51, Microphone mounts for bass drum and overheads.
    Audix DP-Quad »

    76682 SEK


  • Audix F50

    Audix F50, Voice and Vocal Microphone, Dynamic, Cardioid, 50 - 16,000 Hz, 250 O, Peaj 138 dB SPL, Stable steel basket, Enormously feedback resistant, Very low handling noise, Incl.
    Audix F50 »

    6796 SEK


  • Audix ADX60

    Audix ADX60, Condenser boundary microphone, Directional characteristic: Half cardioid, Frequency response: 50 - 18,000 Hz, Maximum sound pressure level (SPL): 130 dB, Sensitivity 9 mV / PA @ 1k, Impedance: 250 Ohm, For speaking, theatre and broadcast applications, 3-Pin mini XLR connector, 9-52 V phantom.
    Audix ADX60 »

    24488 SEK


  • Audix D6

    Audix D6, Special microphone for bass drums@+The D6 is a dynamic microphone which is outstanding at reproducing especially low frequencies. Offering a frequency range from 30 Hz to 15 kHz, it is therefore ideally suited for recording kick drums, bass cabinets/combos and other similar instruments.
    Audix D6 »

    21826 SEK


  • Audix D-Clip

    Audix D-Clip, Microphone Holder, For Audix D Series, Rotating joint, 3/8"" thread, Colour: Black.
    Audix D-Clip »

    1704 SEK


  • Audix i-5

    Audix i-5, Special Micro for Snare DrumThe Audix I-5 is a dynamic microphone for stage and studio instrument micing. It is particularly suitable for loud instruments such as Snare or electric guitar etc and due to its absolutely professional processing is particularly suitable for events.
    Audix i-5 »

    10545 SEK


  • Audix ADX 40 White

    Audix ADX 40 White, Hanging microphone, Polar pattern: Cardioid, Frequency range: 40 - 20,000 Hz, Max. SPL:130 db, 9-52 V Phantom power required, Incl.
    Audix ADX 40 White »

    26033 SEK


  • Audix DFlex-Micro

    Audix D-Flex-Micro, Microphone Holder, Made of plastic, With fixable spring clip, Adjustable joint, For Drums, Percussion, Tripod Tubes, Piano, Microphone Stands, Guitar Combos etc.
    Audix DFlex-Micro »

    4378 SEK


  • Audix Fusion FP-7 Drumset

    Audix Fusion FP-7 Drumset, Drum Microphone Set, 1x F-6 Bass drum microphone (Weight: 311 g), 3x Audix F-2 tom microphone (Weight per piece: 247 g), 1x Audix F-5 snare microphone (Weight: 283 g), 2x F-9 Overhead microphone (Weight per piece: 91 g), Incl.
    Audix Fusion FP-7 Drumset »

    55624 SEK


  • Audix OM11 Elegance Bundle

    Audix OM11 Elegance Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Audix OM11, Dynamic Voice and Vocal Microphone, Successor to the legendary OM1, VLM Design type B capsule, Suitable for high sound pressure levels, Very low feedback, Hyper-cardioid, 50 / 18,000 Hz, 200 O, 144 dB SPL max.
    Audix OM11 Elegance Bundle »

    38336 SEK


  • Audix F9

    Audix F9, Condenser instrument microphone, cardioid, 40 Hz - 20 kHz, 200 ohms, max. SPL 137 dB, 16 mm pre-polarized capsule with gold vapor diaphragm, for Overheads, HiHat, Cymbal, Acoustic Instruments, incl.
    Audix F9 »

    18097 SEK


  • Audix SMT-19

    Audix SMT-19, Microphone stand adapter, Compact and shock absorbing, For microphones with 19 mm diameter, For e.g. TM1, SCX1, SCX25, ADX51, F9, ADX12, ADX18, MG and MGN series etc.
    Audix SMT-19 »

    3771 SEK


  • Audix SMT-Micro

    Audix SMT-Micro, Microphone stand adapter, As elastic suspension with rubber-supported structure-borne sound decoupling, For Microphones of the Audix Micro-D-ADX20 and M1244 / M1250 / M1280 series, For 12mm diameter, 3/8"" Thread with metal adapter on 5/8"".
    Audix SMT-Micro »

    3547 SEK


  • Audix Fireball

    Audix Fireball, Dynamic Hand Microphone, With a special small and round shape, For harmonica or hip hop, Cardioid polar pattern, Max. SPL 140 dB, Frequency response: 50 Hz - 16 kHz, Impedance: 150 Ohm, Sensitivity: 1.
    Audix Fireball »

    14806 SEK


  • Audix D-Vice Rimclamp

    Audix D-Vice Rimclamp, Drum Clamp, With flexible gooseneck and clip for drum edge.
    Audix D-Vice Rimclamp »

    2972 SEK


  • Audix ADX 20 i-p

    Audix ADX 20 i-p, Miniature Condenser Microphone, With short gooseneck holder, rubberized clamp and elastic micro-suspension for direct attachment e.g. to brass instruments, Also suitable for double-bass bridge, tripods up to 6 mm or similar.
    Audix ADX 20 i-p »

    18832 SEK


  • Audix DP7 Drum Microphone Set

    Audix DP7 Drum Microphone Set, Drum Microphone Set in High-quality Transport Case, 1x D6 (bass drum), 1x D4 (bass drum/floor tom), 2x D2 (toms), 1x i-5 (snare), 2x ADX51 (overheads/hi-hat), 4x D-Vice (gooseneck rim clamp).
    Audix DP7 Drum Microphone Set »

    113868 SEK


  • Audix P1

    Audix P1, Microphone Pouch, Black carrying pouch for Audix microphones, Zipper, Padded, Interior dimensions: Approx.
    Audix P1 »

    1033 SEK


  • Audix GR 357

    Audix GR 357, Replacement Screen, For Audix OM series, Black.
    Audix GR 357 »

    3313 SEK


  • Audix OM2

    Audix OM2, Dynamic Vocal Microphone, Hyper-cardioid, Frequency range 50-16,000 Hz, Sensitivity 140 dB SPL max.
    Audix OM2 »

    10428 SEK


  • Audix MC-Micro

    Audix MC-Micro, Microphone Stand Adapter Clip, For microphones of the Audix Micro-D, ADX20 and M44 / M1250 / M1280 series, For 12 mm diameter, Swivel with knurled nut, Colour: Black, Incl.
    Audix MC-Micro »

    1374 SEK


  • Audix MC 10L

    Audix MC 10L, Microphone clip for lavalier microphones, Such as Audix ADX10, Colour: Black, Material: Metal.
    Audix MC 10L »

    1374 SEK


  • Audix ADX 10 FLP

    Audix ADX 10 FLP, Condenser instrument microphone, Cardioid polar pattern, Frequency range: 50 - 18,000 Hz, With on/off- and low-cut switch, With 8"" / 2.
    Audix ADX 10 FLP »

    22358 SEK


  • Audix TM-1

    Audix TM-1, Test, Measurement and Recording Microphone, Pre-polarised 6mm condenser capsule, Omnidirectional, Transmission: 20 Hz - 25 kHz (+/- 2 dB), Max.
    Audix TM-1 »

    30784 SEK


  • Audix MCFlute-Clip

    Audix MC-Flute-Clip, MC-Flute clip, Flute mount for Audix ADX microphone.
    Audix MCFlute-Clip »

    2748 SEK


  • Audix ADX 40

    Audix ADX 40, Hanging microphone, Polar pattern: Cardioid, Frequency range: 40 - 20,000 Hz, Max. SPL:130 db, 9-52 V Phantom power required, Incl. Cable 9.
    Audix ADX 40 »

    26033 SEK


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