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  • Mooer Yellow Comp Bundle PS K1 RB

    Mooer Yellow Comp Bundle PS K1 RB, Bundle offer comprising: , "" Rockboard Pedalsafe Type K1 Rockboard, "" Mooer Yellow Comp.
    Mooer Yellow Comp Bundle PS K1 RB »

    765 SEK


  • Stagg PSUSV1AR-UK nätadapter till effekt pedaler och styrelser

    Produktegenskaper: kraftfull 9V adaptoroptimerad för användning med effektpedaler och effektboardingtegrerad ' Noise Eliminator ' krets: cut...
    Stagg PSUSV1AR-UK nätadapter till effekt pedaler och styrelser »

    279 SEK


  • Unbranded Valueline discokula, 20 cm

    Få disco-feeling hemma med denna vackra spegelkula som monteras i taket. Kulans små speglar är gjorda av äkta glas och reflektionerna skapar häftiga effekter på dansgolvet. Imponera på vännerna när du har fest eller bara njut av en rolig belysning som muntrar upp tillvaron.
    Unbranded Valueline discokula, 20 cm »

    229 SEK


  • Mooer Slow Engine

    Mooer Slow Engine, Effect Pedal, Dimensions (L x W x H): 93.
    Mooer Slow Engine »

    695 SEK


  • IGS Audio Rubber Bands 500

    IGS Audio Rubber Bands 500, Passive equalizer, Carnhill Transformer to input and output, Potentiometer for HC (High Cut), HB (High Boost), Q, BC (Bass Cut) and BB (Bass Boost), EQ In / Relay Bypass, Format: 500 module@+*Switch for:*@+@+, HC: 6, 10, 20 kHz, HB: 5, 6, 10, 12, 16 kHz, BB / BC: 20, 40, 60, 100,.
    IGS Audio Rubber Bands 500 »

    7060 SEK


  • SPL Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T

    SPL Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T, Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T Modell 9739, Tube version of the Vitalizer bestseller, -20 dB - 2 dB Drive, 2 Bass sounds (tight and soft), Stereo expander, Clip LED, Ground / lift switch, Very good sound quality, Balanced XLR and jack I/O, 19"" / 1 RU.
    SPL Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T »

    8950 SEK


  • Summit Audio TLA-50 Valve Compressor

    Summit Audio TLA-50 tube compressor, 1-Channel tube compressor, With side-chain and link socket for coupling several units, Attack and decay, adjustable in 3-stages, VU meter, Bypass / Link switch on the front panel, XLR and jack input and output, Design: 9.
    Summit Audio TLA-50 Valve Compressor »

    7735 SEK


  • AMS Neve 1073LB Preampmodule 500er API

    AMS Neve 1073LB Preampmodule 500er API, Microphone preamp, The 500 series API format, Based on the well-known Classic 1073, Legendary Class A design Neve sound, Gain with LED signal, + 5/-20 dB level control with integrated phantom power switch, phase and impedance switch, XLR /jack combo connector,.
    AMS Neve 1073LB Preampmodule 500er API »

    9845 SEK


  • Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor

    Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor, 1-Channel tube compressor, Switches for input, output, attack and recovery, VU meter, Output impedance: 200 / 600 ohm (switchable), Tubes: 6BC8, 6CG7, 6AL5, Cascadable with a second RS124 for stereo operation via a 6.
    Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor »

    34898 SEK


  • Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor

    Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor, FET Compressor, In 500-module design with the concepts of the Chandler Germanium Comp and 2264 Comp, Input Control Curve with selection: Zener and Germanium Diode Knee, Mix Control, Ratio in 3 steps, Attack, Sidechain filter (-30, 60, 90, 150, 300 Hz), THD Selection,.
    Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor »

    13371 SEK


  • Empirical Labs EL8X- Distressor

    Empirical Labs EL8X-S Distressor, Stereo distressor pair, Includes British Mode and Image Link functions, Includes 2 separate mono-channel devices that can be connected to each other via the image-link connectors, Classic knee compressor, Tube saturation, Opto mode, XLR (balanced) and 6.3 mm jack (unbal.
    Empirical Labs EL8X- Distressor »

    35992 SEK


  • Heritage Audio HA 609A Elite

    Heritage Audio HA 609A Elite; 2-Channel Mono/Stereo Compressor/Limiter; all discrete, class A design featuring three Carnhill/St.
    Heritage Audio HA 609A Elite »

    19383 SEK


  • WES Audio Beta 76

    WES Audio Beta 76, 1-Channel 1176 Compressor, Two function modes: Modern / Vintage, Attack time: 20 us - 800 us, Release time: 50 ms - 1100 ms, Compression ratio: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, True Bypass, SC high-pass filter - 60, 90, 150 Hz, Output impedance: 600 Ohm, Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 1 dB),.
    WES Audio Beta 76 »

    13814 SEK


  • Fredenstein F602

    Fredenstein F602, Analog Tube Compressor, Double triode tube 6386 LGP, Transformerless input circuit, Lundahl LL1517 output transformer, Illuminated VU meter with switching from gain reduction to level display, Clip LED (+24 dBu), Switchable hard/soft knee function, Attack times of 0.
    Fredenstein F602 »

    8652 SEK


  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543

    Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543, Compressor (500 Series), Preamplification: stepless from 6 dB to +20 dB, Threshold range: stepless from 36 dB to + 22 dB, Ratio range: stepless from 1.1: 1 to limit (40: 1), Attack range: stepless from 20 mS to 75 ms, Release range: infinitely variable from 100 ms to 2.
    Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543 »

    11328 SEK


  • Black Lion Audio Seventeen

    Black Lion Audio Seventeen, Mono Compressor, FET Compressor based on a legendary model, Optimized circuit with new output transformer, Extended functionality with variable high-pass filter in the sidechain, parallel compression and switchable low- and high-pass filter in the signal path, Classic switching of.
    Black Lion Audio Seventeen »

    8254 SEK


  • Black Lion Audio Auteur MKII 500

    Black Lion Audio Auteur MKII 500, 1-Channel Preamplifier, All-rounder for detailed pictures, e.g.
    Black Lion Audio Auteur MKII 500 »

    2286 SEK


  • Heritage Audio HABPNL

    Heritage Audio HABPNL, Blank Panel, For a 500 slot of a module frame, Material: Metal, Colour: RAF-Blue-Grey, Dimensions (W x H): 3.81 x 13.
    Heritage Audio HABPNL »

    194 SEK


  • Drawmer MXPRO-30

    Drawmer MXPRO-30, 2-Channel Gate / Compressor / Limiter, 2-Channel, Balanced +4 dB XLR, Unbalanced -10 dB jack, Format: 19""/ 1 U, Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 44 x 200 mm, Weight with packaging: 3.
    Drawmer MXPRO-30 »

    3977 SEK


  • JHS Pedals Pulp N Peel 500

    JHS Pedals Pulp N Peel 500, 500 Series Compressor / Distortion / EQ Module, Combines microphone preamp, compressor, distortion stage and equalizer in one module, Preamp Gain, Distortion, Compression, EQ, Mix (Wet / Dry Iris) and Master Volume controls, 48 V phantom power switchable, Pad switch, Mic / Line.
    JHS Pedals Pulp N Peel 500 »

    8154 SEK


  • Radial Engineering Workhorse

    Radial Engineering Workhorse, 19 ""3U slide-in frame, With 8 slots for system 500 modules, Per input channel Input (XLR and jack), Output (XLR and jack), Omniport (jack), Sub-D 25 in, Sub-D 25 out, Sub-D 25 Omniport, Switchable 48 V phantom power, External power supply, Metal housing, XLR / jack Main out, XLR.
    Radial Engineering Workhorse »

    17991 SEK


  • TC Electronic Shaker Mini Vibrato

    TC Electronic Shaker Mini Vibrato, Guitar Effect, Vibrato, Controls for: Speed, Depth and Ramp, TonePrint ""Beaming"": Download TonePrint sounds directly into the Shaker Mini Vibrato with the free TonePrint app (available for iPhone and Android), Free TonePrint editor (load sounds from your favourite.
    TC Electronic Shaker Mini Vibrato »

    844 SEK


  • Crane Song Syren

    Crane Song Syren, Tube Microphone Preamplifier, In the 500 module format, Microphone and DI input for instruments, Reinforcement: max.
    Crane Song Syren »

    14365 SEK


  • Elysia xpressor

    Elysia xpressor, Stereo compressor, Brilliant audio quality and transparent basic sound, Clearly structured operation, Discrete Class-A topology, Auto Fast Attack, Switchable release characteristics, Warm mode, Parallel compression, Sidechain filter, Sidechain Send & Return, Gain Reduction Limiter, Scanned.
    Elysia xpressor »

    12720 SEK


  • WES Audio Prometheus

    WES Audio Prometheus; Analog Passive EQ with digital Recall Function; 500er Series Module; +24dBu of headroom; Low section with boost and cut: 20, 30, 60, 100, 120, 250 Hz; High boost section: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16 kHz; High cut section : 4, 8, 12, 20 kHz; Stereo / Dual Mono / Mid-Side Operation Modes;.
    WES Audio Prometheus »

    14917 SEK


  • SSL 500-Series Bus Compressor MkII

    SSL 500-Series Bus Compressor MkII, Compressor, With highpass filter in sidechain, 500 series - stereo dynamic module, Bus compressor, Threshold - Attack - Release - Ratio - MakeUp Gain, Is based on the classic SSL Stereo Bus Compressor, Construction: API Series 500 format, requires two 500 slots.
    SSL 500-Series Bus Compressor MkII »

    23660 SEK


  • API Audio Blank Panel 500er 5B1

    API Audio Blank Panel 500er 5B1, Blank panel, For 500 10slot, 6slot API Lunchbox and 1608.
    API Audio Blank Panel 500er 5B1 »

    197 SEK


  • AMS Neve 1073LBEQ Module 500er API

    AMS Neve 1073LBEQ Module 500er API, 3-band EQ in the classic 1073 design, Mono EQ in the 500 series API format, Gain indicator with signal LED, Bypass switch, Electronically balanced inputs / outputs, Audio processing Insert Design: in connection with the 1073 LB Preamp, allows the use in the insertion path.
    AMS Neve 1073LBEQ Module 500er API »

    11427 SEK


  • Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor 19"" MP

    Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor 19"" MP, Germanium compressor 19"" - Matched pair, 2 mono compressors that us an FET gain reduction element, Wet / Dry control for mixing a compressed signal with the original signal, Comp curve switch selects the knee using various diode combinations, Gain and feedback.
    Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor 19"" MP »

    44446 SEK


  • Meris 500 Series Mercury 7 Reverb

    Meris 500 Series Mercury 7 Reverb, Reverb effect in 500 format, 2 Reverb algorithms, Separate controls for the interaction of high and low frequencies with the Reverb algorithm, 24 bit AD / DA with 32 bit floating point DSP, Switchable headroom for guitar / line level input levels, Auto Swell Envelope.
    Meris 500 Series Mercury 7 Reverb »

    6519 SEK


  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 542

    Rupert Neve Designs Portico 542, True Tape Emulator and Line-Driver, API 500 Format, Tape saturation emulator, Trim control (+/-12 dB PreTape Level Control), Tape saturation effect can be set in a ·stepless manner, Silk function (Silk Red & Silk Blue) can be set in a ·stepless manner, Blend potentiometer.
    Rupert Neve Designs Portico 542 »

    8850 SEK


  • Fredenstein Bento 10DS

    Fredenstein Bento 10DS, 10-Slot Rack 19"" Rack, For modules of the API 500 system, With coloured LC display for the exact display of the set parameters (only Fredenstein F600A, F601A, F602, F603A / B and F607), Display of power consumption, output voltage and current temperature in the housing, Internal 90 -.
    Fredenstein Bento 10DS »

    7060 SEK


  • JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo Module

    JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo Module; 500 series tremolo effect rack unit; analog; Controls for Volume, Depth/Mix, Waveform, Speed and Ratio; Bypass toggle switch for engaging or bypassing the effects unit; EXP/TAP toggle switch for selecting between external tap tempo or expression input; Tap button; status.
    JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo Module »

    5966 SEK


  • Radial Engineering PowerStrip

    Radial Engineering PowerStrip, 3-slot slide-in frame for system 500 modules, 19 ""1 HU, Per input channel input (XLR and jack), output (XLR and jack), omniport, feed and link, 48 V phantom power on all 3 slots, To slot 3 switchable, External power supply.
    Radial Engineering PowerStrip »

    4309 SEK


  • Fredenstein Bento 8 Pro Pure Analog

    Fredenstein Bento 8 Pro Pure Analog; 8-slot rack for 500series modules with Analog Power Supply +/- 16Volt/+48Volt; 500ma per Slot; simple wiring for audiomodulechains; every Module audioout is switchable to the next audioinput with switches on the back; Compressor link and ground-lift switch; intelligent.
    Fredenstein Bento 8 Pro Pure Analog »

    4420 SEK


  • Amptweaker DeFizzerator

    Amptweaker DeFizzerator, EQ Effects Pedal, Passive 1-band EQ, For a more balanced sound from amplifiers and speakers, Low input impedance - use after buffers or pedals with buffered bypass or in effects loops, Stays active when looped into the signal path - no bypass, Control for Zap, 3-Way EQ switch: Fizz /.
    Amptweaker DeFizzerator »

    814 SEK


  • Cranborne Audio 500R8

    Cranborne Audio 500R8; 8-Slot rack for 500 series module with integraded USB-audio-interface; I/O channels with XLR; 28 In / 30 Out USB audio interface; monitor controller; 8 channel discrete analog summing; Reference AD/DA converter; latency-free monitor mixer with volume and pan controls per channel; 2x.
    Cranborne Audio 500R8 »

    21472 SEK


  • Drawmer MXPRO-50

    Drawmer MXPRO-50, 2 Channel analog de-esser, Manual operation via frequency and de-esser control parameters, Air function adds back high-frequency 'gloss' in excess of 12KHz, Full-band de-essing or split de-essing, XLR and jack input / output, Format: 19"" / 1U, Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 44 x 200 mm,.
    Drawmer MXPRO-50 »

    5171 SEK


  • Midas Legend L6

    Midas Legend L6, 6-Slot Rack Frame for 500 modules, Low noise power supply with 3.2 A @ ± 16 V and 300 mA @ +48 V, Designed and developed in U.K.
    Midas Legend L6 »

    1819 SEK


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