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  • Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor

    Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor, 1-Channel tube compressor, Switches for input, output, attack and recovery, VU meter, Output impedance: 200 / 600 ohm (switchable), Tubes: 6BC8, 6CG7, 6AL5, Cascadable with a second RS124 for stereo operation via a 6.
    Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor »

    36252 SEK


  • Stagg PSUSV1AR-UK nätadapter till effekt pedaler och styrelser

    Produktegenskaper: kraftfull 9V adaptoroptimerad för användning med effektpedaler och effektboardingtegrerad ' Noise Eliminator ' krets: cut...
    Stagg PSUSV1AR-UK nätadapter till effekt pedaler och styrelser »

    279 SEK


  • Unbranded Valueline discokula, 20 cm

    Få disco-feeling hemma med denna vackra spegelkula som monteras i taket. Kulans små speglar är gjorda av äkta glas och reflektionerna skapar häftiga effekter på dansgolvet. Imponera på vännerna när du har fest eller bara njut av en rolig belysning som muntrar upp tillvaron.
    Unbranded Valueline discokula, 20 cm »

    229 SEK


  • Millennia AD-596

    Millennia AD-596, Eight channels of A/D Converter, 24-bit 96 kHz eight-channel AES format converter, Internal/External Clocking with AES or Wordclock in/out on BNC connectors, Millennia’s proprietary True-Lock-Clock for outstanding performance with an external clock, DB25 I/O Connectors that conform to the.
    Millennia AD-596 »

    16902 SEK


  • ART Pro VLA II

    ART Pro VLA II, 2-Channel tube opto-compressor, Adjustable threshold, Ratio and Attack, + 4dBu/-10 dBu mode switchable, Backlit VU meter, LED meter for peak hold, Balanced XLR and 6.
    ART Pro VLA II »

    4448 SEK


  • Drawmer DS404

    Drawmer DS404, Quad noise gate, Professional 4 channel filter gate, Balanced XLR input / output, Hard / Soft gating, KEY LISTEN threshold, Release from 10 ms up to 5 s, Size: 19"" / 1 U, Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 44 x 175 mm, Weight incl. packaging: 3.
    Drawmer DS404 »

    10499 SEK


  • JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo Module

    JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo Module; 500 series tremolo effect rack unit; analog; Controls for Volume, Depth/Mix, Waveform, Speed and Ratio; Bypass toggle switch for engaging or bypassing the effects unit; EXP/TAP toggle switch for selecting between external tap tempo or expression input; Tap button; status.
    JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo Module »

    6104 SEK


  • Warm Audio WA76

    Warm Audio WA76, Limiting Amplifier, Replica of a classic 1176 Revision D, Discrete signal path, Cinemag input and output transformer, Class A line level output amplifier, Input Impedance: 600 Ohm, Frequency range: ± 1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, Gain: 55 dB, Less than 0.
    Warm Audio WA76 »

    5895 SEK


  • Chandler Limited TG1

    Chandler Limited TG1, Stereo compressor / limiter@+The TG-1 Limiter represents the rebirth of the legendary EMI TG12413 limiter, an integral part of the EMI's own Abbey Road mixing consoles of the late 60s.
    Chandler Limited TG1 »

    46260 SEK


  • Grace Design m501

    Grace Design m501, 1-channel microphone pre-amplifier, With Ribbon Mode, Switchable phantom power 48V, HPFilter, 10-75 dB gain range, Grounded potentiometers, Construction: API Series 500 Rack format.
    Grace Design m501 »

    8797 SEK


  • SSL X-Rack Stereo Bus Compressor

    SSL X-Rack Stereo Bus Compressor, Compressor module for X-Rack / Mynx, Stereo bus compressor module from the 1980s analog console G-series, True stereo side-chain input, Gain reduction meter, Balanced XLR connectors.
    SSL X-Rack Stereo Bus Compressor »

    22352 SEK


  • Phoenix Audio DRS1R-500

    Phoenix Audio DRS-1R-500, 1-Channel Preamp with Instrument Input, For 500 system, -30 dB input pad, 40 dB Variable gain, High pass filter: -6 dB / oct @ 120 Hz, LED level meter, Output: + 26dBu @ 1kHz, Self-noise = -90 dB @ 20 - 20,000 Hz, HI Z instrument input, Phase reverse, 48 V phantom power switchable,.
    Phoenix Audio DRS1R-500 »

    7605 SEK


  • Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-XL V2

    Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-XL V2, Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-XL V2, 4-Channel expander / gate / compressor / peak limiter of the reference class with dynamic enhancer and low-contour filter, Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with 1/4"" phone jacks and XLR connectors, Dimensions (H x W x D): 44.
    Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-XL V2 »

    1260 SEK


  • Mooer Flex Boost

    Mooer Flex Boost, Guitar Effect, Boost, Controller for: Gain, Bass, Treble and Volume, TRS inputs and output, Status LED, True bypass, Requires 9V DC power supply (not included), Dimensions (LxWxH): 93.
    Mooer Flex Boost »

    535 SEK


  • Mooer Yellow Comp Bundle PS K1

    Mooer Yellow Comp Bundle PS K1, Bundle offer comprising: , "" Rockboard Pedalsafe Type K1 universal, "" Mooer Yellow Comp.
    Mooer Yellow Comp Bundle PS K1 »

    830 SEK


  • Fredenstein Bento 8 Pure Analog

    Fredenstein Bento 8 Pure Analog; 8-slot rack for 500series modules with Analog Power Supply +/- 16Volt/+48Volt; 500mA per Slot, simple wiring for audiomodulechains; every Module audioout is switchable to the next audioinput with switches on the back; Compressor link and ground-lift switch; intelligent voltage.
    Fredenstein Bento 8 Pure Analog »

    3702 SEK


  • Drawmer DS201

    Drawmer DS201, Dual Noise Gate, HP and TP filters, ""Key List"" option, Stereo Mode, Envelope control, Controls: Attack, Hold, Decay, Range, Balanced inputs and outputs, Format: 19 ""/ 1 HU, Dimension (WxHxD): 482 x 44 x 200 mm, Weight with packaging: 3.
    Drawmer DS201 »

    7205 SEK


  • Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA

    Shadow Hills Industries Mono Gama, Microphone preamp, System 500 version of the legendary GAMA, With the same basic characteristics, various nuances of the basic sound can be retrieved by means of switchable transformers (nickel, steel, discrete construction), Integrated DI input for instruments, Very.
    Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA »

    13122 SEK


  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511

    Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511, Microphone Preamplifier, 1 Channel Mic preaamp with 500 Module formfactor, +48V Phantom power can switched On and Off, 8 Segment LED Level-Meter, High Pass Filter can be set, 20 - 250 Hz, Trim and Gain-Control, Polarity is reversible/can be switched, Silk Mode, Formfactor: 500.
    Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511 »

    6896 SEK


  • Neve AMS RMX16

    AMS Neve AMS RMX16; 500 series API format Reverb; access to basic reverb parameters of each program (pre-delay, decay time and decay filter); delay program with up to 810 milliseconds; input, output and mix (wet/dry) levels can be set globally; 18 different reverb programs; 100 user presets; 2.
    Neve AMS RMX16 »

    16124 SEK


  • Designs Audio EM-Gold

    A-Designs Audio EM-Gold, Microphone Preamplifier, In the 500 series API format, Centered and voluminous sound, Very well-suited for kick drum, toms, guitar, bass and vocals, Instrument input (6.
    Designs Audio EM-Gold »

    6805 SEK


  • Heritage Audio OST-10 V2

    Heritage Audio OST-10 V2; 10-Slot Rack for up to 10x 500series Modules; On Slot Technology (Power regulation for each Slot); Link-Function (allows each channel to be linked to the next at the push of a button); Phantom Power 140 mA (max); Slot power: 400 mA per rail, 1.
    Heritage Audio OST-10 V2 »

    8895 SEK


  • Elysia mpressor

    Elysia Compressor, Elysia Compressor, 2 Channel compressor / limiter, 100% Discreet Class-A technology, Auto Fast, Anti Log, Negative ratios, Audio filter, External side chain, Gain reduction limiter, Analog dynamic LED display, Transconductance amplifier, T12 Heater, Frequency range:.
    Elysia mpressor »

    41923 SEK


  • Heritage Audio RAM System 500

    Heritage Audio RAM System 500, Monitoring Module with Bluetooth for the 500 Series, Bluetooth functionality, Analog circuits with gold-plated switching relays in the complete signal path, 64-Level relay attenuation system with 1 dB screening for master volume control, Two balanced stereo inputs (2x combo jack.
    Heritage Audio RAM System 500 »

    5226 SEK


  • Fredenstein F603 A

    Fredenstein F603 A, 4-Band 500 Series EQ Module, Model A with high filter quality (narrow band) Q = 2, Passively constructed filters with film capacitors, Bypass switch, Gain can be adjusted in 1 dB steps using the rotary knob, Gain range for each filter: +/- 16 dB, Model: Module 500th.
    Fredenstein F603 A »

    4559 SEK


  • BAE Audio 1073D

    BAE Audio 1073D; 500 series microphone preamplifier module with EQ; frequency response: 10Hz to 55kHz (-3dB): 2 band equalisers; HF: +/-16dB (shelving), selectable frequencies 10kHz, 12kHz and 16kHz; MF: +/-18dB, fixed Q-factor, selectable frequencies 0.36kHz, 0.7kHz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz and 7.
    BAE Audio 1073D »

    27689 SEK


  • Summit Audio TLA-100 A

    Summit Audio TLA-100 A, Tube leveling amplifier, 1-channel, With side-chain and link connector for coupling several units, 3 level adjustable attack and decay, Analog VU meter, Bypass / Link switch on the front panel, XLR and jack in- and output, 19"" rack format with 2U, Handmade in the USA.
    Summit Audio TLA-100 A »

    26355 SEK


  • Drawmer 1976

    Drawmer 1976, 3 band stereo saturation and width processor, can operate in stereo and mono, input impedance: 20k Ohms, maximum input level: +18dBu, output impedance:.
    Drawmer 1976 »

    10399 SEK


  • Shadow Hills Industries Dual Vandergraph

    Shadow Hills Industries Dual Vandergraph, 500 Series Stereo Compressor, Discrete construction in Class-A technology, Combines the gain section of the Shadow Hills Mastering compressor with the detector circuitry of the Shadow Hills Optograph compressor, Controls for compression, ratio, filter and output level.
    Shadow Hills Industries Dual Vandergraph »

    27689 SEK


  • Fredenstein Blank Panel Black

    Fredenstein Blank Panel Black Single slot for 500 Series Module Frames.
    Fredenstein Blank Panel Black »

    148 SEK


  • Chandler Limited TG Opto Compressor

    Chandler Limited TG Opto Compressor, 1-Channel Opto Compressor in 500 Format, Two characteristics: Sharp and rounded, Stepless controls for input / output level, attack and release, Gain reduction display, Hardware bypass, Power supply: +16 V / 110 mA (max.), -16 V / 80 mA (max.
    Chandler Limited TG Opto Compressor »

    15235 SEK


  • Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor

    Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor, FET Compressor, In 500-module design with the concepts of the Chandler Germanium Comp and 2264 Comp, Input Control Curve with selection: Zener and Germanium Diode Knee, Mix Control, Ratio in 3 steps, Attack, Sidechain filter (-30, 60, 90, 150, 300 Hz), THD Selection,.
    Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor »

    13566 SEK


  • Warm Audio WA12-500 MKII

    Warm Audio WA12-500 MKII, Microphone preamp, 500 series mic preamp, Input and output transformers from CineMag, 71 db gain with fully discrete signal path, Discrete 6-pin socket with 1731 style opamp, Tone button switches the input impedance from 600 ohm to 150 ohm, thus changing the sound of the mic- and.
    Warm Audio WA12-500 MKII »

    4102 SEK


  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517

    Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517, Microphone preamplifier, compressor and DI, With Vari-phase, Silk and DI / mic blend, Frequency range: Main output, no load, -0.
    Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517 »

    9407 SEK


  • Vicoustic Wavewood Diffuser Ultra Cherry

    Vicoustic Wavewood Diffuser Ultra Locarno Cherry; set of 3 diffusers; consisting of high density polystyrene and wood; low weight; suitable for treatment of medium and high frequencies; dimensions: 595 x 595 x 60 mm; set includes 3 pieces of Wavewood Diffuser Ultra; colour: Locarno Cherry.
    Vicoustic Wavewood Diffuser Ultra Cherry »

    2501 SEK


  • API Audio 527 Compressor Limiter

    API Audio 527 Compressor Limiter, Compressor / Limiter in the 500 rack format, Uses the discrete operational amplifiers 2510 and 2520, Controllable Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio and Output, 10 segement VU-Gain-Reductionpeak Meter, LinkSwitch, Switchable feed-forward or feedback compression, THRUST switch.
    API Audio 527 Compressor Limiter »

    12788 SEK


  • Fredenstein Blank Panel Gold

    Fredenstein Blank Panel Gold, Blank Panel, Colour: Gold, For 500 module frames.
    Fredenstein Blank Panel Gold »

    147 SEK


  • IGS Audio NE573

    IGS Audio NE573; classic transformer microphone-/ instrument-preamp; switchable impedance; +48V Phantom Power; Carnhill transformers on inputs and outputs; Mic-/Instrument Input XLR/Jack 6.
    IGS Audio NE573 »

    8206 SEK


  • Fredenstein Artistic Comp Plus

    Fredenstein Artistic Comp Plus, 500 Series FET Compressor Module, Fully discrete built-in OPA2 operational amplifier, American output transformer, Made completely using SMT technology, Adjustable release time from 70 milliseconds up to 2.5 seconds, Adjustable attack times from 0.
    Fredenstein Artistic Comp Plus »

    2401 SEK


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