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  • Furman P-3600 AR G

    Furman P-3600 AR G, Voltage Regulator, With regulated 120 V output at mains supply of 100-127 and 208-240 V, With protection circuits and filters for clear sound/image processing, For the use of 120 VA/V equipment for global touring and use in countries with 100, 220, 230 or 240 V power supply, True RMS.
    Furman P-3600 AR G »

    58550 SEK


  • Furman Replacement Lamp 230V

    Furman Replacement Lamp 230V, Replacement Lamp, For the PL series, Power: 7 W, Voltage: 230 V.
    Furman Replacement Lamp 230V »

    37 SEK


  • Furman PS-8R/E III

    Furman PS-8R/E III, AC Power Sequencer / Filter, 10 A (2300 Watt max.
    Furman PS-8R/E III »

    5333 SEK


  • Furman M-10Lx E

    Furman M-10Lx E, Power Conditioner and Rack light 19"" 1U, Power filter and power distribution with 10 A maximum output current (2300 Watt), Suitable for live applications and recording, AC Noise filter, Circuit breaker, Two retractable LED light fixtures with dimmer control, 10x rear panel outlets and 1x.
    Furman M-10Lx E »

    1977 SEK


  • Furman Replacement Lamp 120V

    Furman Replacement Lamp 120V, Replacement Lamp, For PL-Plus, Voltage: 120 V, Highly durable.
    Furman Replacement Lamp 120V »

    37 SEK


  • Furman P-1400 AR E

    Furman P-1400 AR E, Power Voltage Regulator, Protection circuits and noise filter, Prestige series, Operating voltage 174-264 Volt; maximum surge current 6 Amps (1400 Watt max.
    Furman P-1400 AR E »

    16554 SEK


  • Furman P-6900 AR E

    Furman P-6900 AR E, 30 Amp Voltage Regulator, Regulates voltages between 188 - 270 volts to 230 volts, Integrated mains filter against interference, Protective circuit design against voltage spikes and transients, Rated power: 30 amps (6900 watts), Voltage meter, USB charging socket, 2 x IEC outlet on the.
    Furman P-6900 AR E »

    46107 SEK


  • Furman PL-Pro DMC E

    Furman PL-Pro DMC E, Power Conditioner and Voltmeter, With dimmable and pull-out LED rack lighting as well as LCD input voltage display, 16 A Maximum output current (Max. 3680 Watt), Front panel convenience charger allows you to charge most media devices or power a USB lamp.
    Furman PL-Pro DMC E »

    7098 SEK


  • Furman PL-8 CE

    Furman PL-8 CE, Professional Power Conditioner and Filter, Maximum output current: 10 A, 2x Pull-out multi LED, dimmable lamps, SMP (Series Mode Protection) maintenance-free surge protection, LIFT (Linear Filtering Technology) noise filtration, EVS (Automatic Extreme Voltage Shutdown) for shutdown /.
    Furman PL-8 CE »

    3499 SEK


  • Furman P-2300 IT E

    Furman P-2300 IT E, Insulating separation transformer and filter, Noise suppression 80 dB between 20 - 20,000 Hz, Lowest possible noise level for audio and recording applications, Ground fault protected power outputs (GFCI) with GND lift switch to prevent hum and ground noise, SMP (Series Mode Protection).
    Furman P-2300 IT E »

    40774 SEK


  • Furman M-10x E

    Furman M-10x E, Power Conditioner 19"" / 1U, Power filter and power distribution with 10 A maximum output current (2300 Watt), AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI) 20 dB, 1.
    Furman M-10x E »

    1269 SEK


  • Furman CN-3600 SE

    Furman CN-3600 SE, Contractor Series Smart Sequencer, 9 Outlets, Mains distribution / filter / protection and remote capable sequential on / off switching (three-stage on / off delay), 16 A rated power, Complex A / V systems can be switched on / off safely and sequentially and the power supply can be.
    Furman CN-3600 SE »

    8332 SEK


  • Furman -Plus CE

    Furman Pl-Plus CE, Professional Power Conditioner and Filter, With 10 A maximum output current, 10x Euro rear panel outlets and one front panel convenience outlet, 2x Pull out multi LED, dimmable lamps, With 20 LEDs voltmeter monitors and displays incoming line voltage, With SMP (Series Mode Protection).
    Furman -Plus CE »

    4222 SEK


  • Furman AC-210 A Power Conditioner

    Furman AC-210 A E Power Conditioner, Compact Power Conditioner, 10 A (2300 Watt max.
    Furman AC-210 A Power Conditioner »

    2059 SEK


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