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  • SE Electronics Gemini II

    SE Electronics Gemini II, Dual Tube Large Diaphragm Microphone, Polar pattern: Cardioid, With a 12AX7 tube for the input stage and a 12AU7 tube for the output (replacing the transformer), Very detailed signal imaging, Incl.
    SE Electronics Gemini II »

    151108 SEK


  • Thon Case for Gemini CDMP 7000

    Thon Case for Gemini CDMP 7000, Custom-made Mixer Case, For Gemini CDMP 7000, Material: 7 mm phenolic resin coated birch plywood, 25 x 25 mm aluminium edges, 1 Folding handle, 4 Butterfly locks, Steel ball corners, Foam padding in the bottom and lid, made to measure, 4 Rubber feet, All connections are.
    Thon Case for Gemini CDMP 7000 »

    23120 SEK


  • UDG Ultimate ProducerBag Small B/O

    UDG Ultimate ProducerBag Small B/O, Producer Bag, Suitable for Pioneer DDJ-WeGO 3/ 4, Akai MPC Live, APC40 MK2, MPD22, Denon MC2000, Numark Party Mix, Reloop Mixage IE, Hercules P32 DJ Controller, Universal DJ, DJ Console 4-Mx, DJ Control Air S, DJ Control Steel, Gemini Slate 4, FirstMix Pro, Roland Aira MX-1.
    UDG Ultimate ProducerBag Small B/O »

    14274 SEK


  • GSi DMC-122

    GSi DMC-122, Organ MIDI Controller, Two 61-Key waterfall keyboards with aftertouch, Flexible, freely programmable MIDI controller for studio and live applications, 20 Drawbars, 6 Potentiometers, Pitch bend and modulation wheel, Extension slot for Gemini DSP board - makes the DMC-122 a full-fledged organ (item.
    GSi DMC-122 »

    146342 SEK


  • Thomann DJ CD Mixer Bag II

    Thomann DJ Bag CD Mixer Bag II, CD Mixer Bag, Suitable for 2 x Single CD Player (top or front loader such as Pioneer CDJ, Numark Axis series, American Audio, Stanton S-Series, Gemini CDJ, Vestax CDX-05, Denon S-series, ...) 1 x Mixer (as Eg Numark DM, Gemini PMX ...
    Thomann DJ CD Mixer Bag II »

    6886 SEK


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