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  • Lexicon PCM92

    Lexicon PCM92, Multi-Effect, Professional hall effect device for studio and live application, based on the PCM96, 28 Different reverb, delay and modulation effects, HiQnet remote control, Sample rates up to 96 KHz, Tempo Tap button, Parameters can be edited for all effects (decay, pre-delay, meter, reverb.
    Lexicon PCM92 »

    217765 SEK


  • Lexicon PCM96

    Lexicon PCM96, Professional Stereo Reverb / Effects Processor, For studio and live application, 24-Bit / 96 kHz, Combines the legendary Lexicon Concert Hall algorithms with new algorithms such as Chamber, Reverb, Plate, New parameters such as multimode filter and ""infinite option"" offer advanced options for.
    Lexicon PCM96 »

    305345 SEK


  • Lexicon PCM96 Surround D

    Lexicon PCM96 Surround D, Professional Surround Processor, New and legendary reverb and effect algorithms, Up to 24bit / 96khz, FireWire audio streaming for six channels, ""Hardware Plug-In"" for Mac VST and Audio Unit Software, 2200 Factory programs, 768 User programs, Three AES / EBU inputs and outputs.
    Lexicon PCM96 Surround D »

    434348 SEK


  • Lexicon Lambda Studio

    Lexicon Lambda Studio, Portable Desktop USB Recording Studio, Perfect recording on the go, USB Powered, 2x Mic In (XLR, phantom power), 2x Line in, 1x Instrument In, Recording two audio sources simultaneously, 2x Inserts, 2x Line out, Midi I / O, 1x stereo headphones (3.
    Lexicon Lambda Studio »

    11834 SEK


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