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  • Numark NS6 II

    Numark NS6 II, Professional 4-Channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ, With two LCD colour screens, Built-in DVS-ready 2-channel DJ mixer with line / phone inputs and two microphone inputs, Dual USB port for seamless DJ switching, High-resolution 6-inch jog wheels with Numark exclusive capacitive touch technology.
    Numark NS6 II »

    74552 SEK


  • 2129 SEK

  • Numark Line Fader EVR186-00

    Numark Line Fader E-VR-186-00, Fader, E-VR 186-00, For Matrix 3 and Matrix 2.
    Numark Line Fader EVR186-00 »

    852 SEK


  • Numark Scratch

    Numark Scratch, 2-Channel Battle Mixer, Comes with Serato DJ Pro and is Serato DVS ready, Ready to connect to Serato NoiseMap™ Control Vinyl or CDs (not included), InnoFader scratch crossfader with reverse and slope control, 6 Effect selectors with dual paddle launch triggers and Dry/Wet FX Control, 8.
    Numark Scratch »

    56806 SEK


  • Numark Drive Belt for TT 1610

    Numark Drive Belt for TT 1610, Drive Belt, For the turntables of TT 1610 and TT USB.
    Numark Drive Belt for TT 1610 »

    1598 SEK


  • Numark Mixtrack Platinum

    Numark Mixtrack Platinum, DJ Controller, 2-Deck All-In-One DJ controller with jog wheel display, High-resolution 5-inch metal jog wheels with Numark exclusive capacitive Touch Technology, 2x 1.
    Numark Mixtrack Platinum »

    22358 SEK


  • Numark Power Supply 6V DC 1A

    Numark Power Supply 6V DC 1A, Power Supply, Compatible with Numark NuVJ, TotalControl, StealthControl, OmniControl, Alesis ControlPad, Akai MPD24, MPD32, MPK49, MPK61, MPK88, Voltage: 6VDC 1 A.
    Numark Power Supply 6V DC 1A »

    3899 SEK


  • Numark M 2 Black

    Numark M 2 Black, 2 Channel Battle Mixer, 3 Band EQ, Microphone channel with 2-band EQ, Incl. power supply 10V AC 0.5 A 2.
    Numark M 2 Black »

    10172 SEK


  • Numark NV II

    Numark NV II, 4-Deck controller for Serato DJ, 1:1 Visualization of the Serato DJ software is provided via two full-colour displays, Gridlines on the displays allow for perfect beat matching, Search by album, artist, song title, BPM, key type and length, Two hyper-responsive 5 inch metal jog wheels with.
    Numark NV II »

    63900 SEK


  • Numark M 4 Black

    Numark M 4 Black, 10"" 3-Channel Battle Mixer, nputs: 4 - 6 line switchable, 2 phono, 1 microphone, Outputs: Master and Record, 3-Band EQ and gain per channel, Microphone channel with 2-band EQ, Master and PFL level indicators, Replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope control, Cueing via 3-way toggle.
    Numark M 4 Black »

    12676 SEK


  • Numark M101 Black

    Numark M101 Black, 2-Channel DJ Mixer, For rack mounting, VU Meter LEDs for level monitoring, 2 Stereo line / phono inputs, Built-in 2-band EQ for sound processing, 6.
    Numark M101 Black »

    9427 SEK


  • Numark Crossfader RS-50T

    Numark Crossfader RS-50T, Original Cross-Fader, For DM 950, DM1050, DM 2050, DM1002MK2, DM3050.
    Numark Crossfader RS-50T »

    3994 SEK


  • Numark Crossfader RS-45T

    Numark Crossfader RS-45T, Cross-Fader, For DM900; 905; 925; 1001; 1002X; 1100; 1820; 1835; 1885; 2000; 2002; 3000; DM3001; Battle Pack 2002, CM100;.
    Numark Crossfader RS-45T »

    3675 SEK


  • Numark Line Fader EVR213-00

    Numark Line Fader E-VR-213-00, Line-Fader, For Numark 5000 FX.
    Numark Line Fader EVR213-00 »

    2173 SEK


  • Numark CP-Pro Crossfader

    Numark CP-Pro Crossfader, Cross-Fader, Suitable for 5000FX; DXM 01USB; DXM-01; DXM-03; DXM-06; DXM-09; DXM Pro; PPD9000; PPD 01.
    Numark CP-Pro Crossfader »

    5507 SEK


  • Numark C-3 USB

    Numark C-3 USB, 19"" Rack Mixer, 5 Channels, DJ microphone section and audio interface for Mac and PC, Inputs: 8 Lines, 3 phonos, 2 USB output for direct recording of records or mixing sessions to the computer, Outputs: Master (balanced XLR or RCA), Record, Zone (RCA), 3 Mic and 2 USB inputs for direct.
    Numark C-3 USB »

    30880 SEK


  • Numark DJ2Go 2

    Numark DJ2Go 2, Portable 2 Channel Dj Controller, 8 Multi-function performance pads, 2 Pitch faders, Crossfader, Jog Wheels, Audio Interface, With channel and master volume control, 1x 3.5 mm Stereo jack headphone output, 1x 3.
    Numark DJ2Go 2 »

    7094 SEK


  • Numark Power Supply CD-Mix

    Numark Power Supply CD-Mix, Power Supply Unit, Suitable for all Numark CD mixes, 12 V, DC, 2500 MAh.
    Numark Power Supply CD-Mix »

    4591 SEK


  • Numark NDX 500

    Numark NDX 500, Single CD Player and Software Controller, Playback of MP3s, CDs and CD - Rs, Master tempo, Large jog wheel, Reverse mode, Anti-shock, Seamless loops for creating and integrating loops, Single, continuous, and programmable playback, Fader start, Stereo RCA outputs, USB input, Pre-mapped for.
    Numark NDX 500 »

    25234 SEK


  • Numark Line Fader EVR164-00

    Numark Line Fader E-VR-164-00, Fader, Model E-VR-127-00@+*Suitable for:*@+@+, DM 900, DM 905, DM 1001, DM 1002, DM 1295, DM 1720, DM 1820, DM 1835, DM 1885, DM 2000, DM 2002, DM 3000, DM 3001, DM 3002, EM260, EM360, EM460, Matrix2, Matrix 3, CD-Mix1, CD Mix2, CM100, CM 200.
    Numark Line Fader EVR164-00 »

    2173 SEK


  • Numark Crossfader CD MXF1

    Numark Crossfader CD MXF1, Cross-Fader, Suitable for CD-Mix1, CD-Mix2 and CD-Mix 3.
    Numark Crossfader CD MXF1 »

    3313 SEK


  • Numark Crossfader RS-200 T

    Numark Crossfader RS-200 T, Crossfader RS-200 T, CM 200 and CM 200 USB.
    Numark Crossfader RS-200 T »

    4016 SEK


  • Numark M6 USB Black

    Numark M6 USB Black, DJ Mixer, 4 Input channels, 3-Band EQ and LED each equipped with gain level meters, USB port for playing and recording with Mac or PC, Recording mix to your computer, Phono and line inputs per channel, Separate XLR mic channel and additional mic input on channel 4, Replaceable crossfader.
    Numark M6 USB Black »

    20611 SEK


  • Numark CDN77 USB

    Numark CDN77 USB, USB Dual CD Player, Supports up to 2 USB drives, Access to all drives playing tracks simultaneously, Support for CD/MP3-CD, ID3 tag and folder support, Master tempo, 4, 8, 16, 100% pitch control, Scratching, Seamless loops, Reverse and Brake effect, Auto BPM counter, Model: 19"".
    Numark CDN77 USB »

    39050 SEK


  • Numark MP 103 USB

    Numark MP 103 USB, USB and MP3 Player, Dual USB drive support, CD / MP3 CD, Recognises ID3 tags and folders, Master tempo, Pitch control: 4, 8, 16, 100%, Scratching, Seamless loops, Reverse and brake, Auto BPM counter, Connectors: RCA and balanced XLR outputs, Design: 19"", 2U, Dimensions: 483 x 269 x 89 mm,.
    Numark MP 103 USB »

    22901 SEK


  • Numark Remote Cable

    Numark Remote Cable, Remote Cable, Connecting cable between drive and control unit, Numark Art.No.
    Numark Remote Cable »

    1129 SEK


  • Numark Power Supply IDJ/NS

    Numark Power Supply IDJ/NS, Power Supply Unit, 12 V DC, 2 A@+*Suitable for:*@+@+, Numark NS6, Numark iDJ2, Alesis IO14/26, Numark N4, Numark 4Trak, Akai MPC Renaissance, APC20/40, M-Audio Profire610, M-Audio Prokeys 88.
    Numark Power Supply IDJ/NS »

    4250 SEK


  • Numark Lightwave

    Numark Lightwave, Active Loudspeaker with Lighting, Equipped with: 3 Woofer 6.5"" and 1"" tweeter, Power: 200 W of peak power, 100 W of continuous class D amplification, Class D amp, Inputs: XLR/6.3 mm jack, stereo RCA and 3.
    Numark Lightwave »

    29175 SEK


  • Numark PT-01 Power Supply

    Numark PT-01 Power Supply, Power Supply Unit, Suitable for Numark PT 01.
    Numark PT-01 Power Supply »

    1939 SEK


  • Numark PT-01 Touring Power Supply

    Numark PT-01 Touring Power Supply, USB Power Supply, Suitable for Numark PT 01 Touring.
    Numark PT-01 Touring Power Supply »

    1587 SEK


  • Numark Line Fader VRS 50304503

    Numark Line Fader VRS 50304503, Line Fader, Suitable for DM 950, DM 950 USB.
    Numark Line Fader VRS 50304503 »

    1129 SEK


  • Numark Party Mix

    Numark Party Mix, 2-Channel DJ Controller with Integrated Sound Card, Plug and play, Integrated light show ensures party atmosphere, Sync buttons enable easy mixing, Cool effects and pads with multiple modes including looping and sampling, 2 RCA audio outputs, 3.
    Numark Party Mix »

    9043 SEK


  • Numark Mixtrack Pro III

    Numark Mixtrack Pro III, 2-Deck DJ Controller for Serato DJ, High-resolution 5"" jog wheels made of metal, Dedicated filter controller per channel, Multifunctional touchstrip for dynamic effect control and strip-Search, 16 Performance pads with different modes, Extensive effect control, Separate controllers.
    Numark Mixtrack Pro III »

    21932 SEK


  • Numark M101 USB Black DJ Mixer

    Numark M101 USB Black DJ Mixer, DJ Mixer, 2-Channel DJ mixer for the rack, VU Meter LEDs for level monitoring, 2 Stereo line / phono inputs, USB port for playback and transfer of audio signal between mixer and Mac / PC, Built-in 2-band EQ for sound processing, 6.
    Numark M101 USB Black DJ Mixer »

    10481 SEK


  • Numark Party Mix Pro

    Numark Party Mix Pro, DJ Controller, Built-in DJ deck with jog wheel, pitch control, buttons for sync, cue, Docking station for a Smartphone or tablet, Includes a built-in light show, Speaker: 8""/3"", Power: 80 W, 3.5mm AUX input, 6.3 mm Jack microphone connector, 3.5 mm Jack headphone output, 3.
    Numark Party Mix Pro »

    22784 SEK


  • Numark NTX1000 Turntable

    Numark NTX1000 PladespillerDirect drive pladespiller, der erperfekt til DJ-brug.Kan indstilles til 33 1/3 og 45 RPMS-formet tonearm.Pitch range kontrol og fader.Start og stop tiden kan justeres.
    Numark NTX1000 Turntable »

    3263 SEK

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