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  • Palmer PDIR 01

    Palmer PDIR 01, Twisted DI Box Direct Injection Box, Converts a balanced signal into an unbalanced signal, Single channel, XLR female in, Jack out, Switchable GND lift, Max Input Level 6 dBu, Max.
    Palmer PDIR 01 »

    734 SEK


  • Palmer PBC Drawer AA

    Palmer PBC Drawer AA, AA charging drawer for Palmer PBC charger; charges four AA/AAA accus parallel.
    Palmer PBC Drawer AA »

    134 SEK


  • Palmer PLI-02

    Palmer PLI-02, 2-Channel Isolating Transformer in Cast Aluminium HousingIsolating transformers / line isolation boxes are used between line-operated devices to prevent ground loops that cause hum. However, they can also be used for the conversion of unbalanced to balanced lines.
    Palmer PLI-02 »

    1587 SEK


  • Palmer PPB 10

    Palmer PPB 10, Press box, Audio distributor, Electrically isolated audio splitters e.g.
    Palmer PPB 10 »

    9382 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 01 Pro

    Palmer PAN 01 Pro, DI Box, Passive, 1-Channel, PAD switch (0dB / -30dB), Input Link as a jack, Merge function to convert 2 mono-signals to a balanced signal, Balanced XLR output, Input Impedance: 68 kOhm, Output Impedance: 600 Ohm, Transfer ratio of symmetry transformer: 10: 1, Maximum output level: 6 dBu,.
    Palmer PAN 01 Pro »

    897 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 01

    Palmer PAN 01, Passive DI Box Direct Injection, 1-Channel version, PAD switch (0dB/-30dB), Jack as an input connector, Balanced XLR output, Input impedance: 68 kOhm, Output impedance: 600 Ohms, Transfer ratio: 10: 1, Maximum output level: +6 dBu, Dimensions: 110 x 73 x 42 mm, 5 Year warranty from manufacturer.
    Palmer PAN 01 »

    408 SEK


  • Palmer PDI 03 JB

    Palmer PDI 03 JB, Guitar DI-box and speaker simulation, Joe Bonamassa Signature Model, JB switch: Off / Medium / Heavy - behaves like a mid boost, Attenuator: 24/12/0 db, Deep / Normal / Flat voicing switches, Bright / Normal / Mellow voicing switches, 1 Input, 1 Output, 1 Balanced XLR out, 1 Thru, Dimensions.
    Palmer PDI 03 JB »

    1852 SEK


  • Palmer CAB Merger

    Palmer CAB M Merger, Passive Cab Merger, 2 Inputs, 2 Outputs, Boxes can be connected in series or parallel.
    Palmer CAB Merger »

    267 SEK


  • Palmer PLI-01

    Palmer PLI-01, 1-Channel Isolating Transformer, Cast aluminum housing, Jack input and output, Ideal for dejamming of guitar racks, 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
    Palmer PLI-01 »

    718 SEK


  • Palmer PRMLS Line-Splitter

    Palmer PRM-LS Line-Splitter, Passive 4 channel line splitter, Nominal impedance 600 ohms, Max.
    Palmer PRMLS Line-Splitter »

    2994 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 05

    Palmer PAN 05, 2 Channel merge box for microphones, 2x XLR female in 1x XLR male out, Balanced decoupling, Also suitable for condenser microphones, Impedance 200 ohm, Completely passive circuit, Dimensions 110 x 73 x 42 mm, 5 Year warranty.
    Palmer PAN 05 »

    463 SEK


  • Palmer PPB 20 Press-Box

    Palmer PPB 20 Press-Box, Press Box, Audio distribution, Is used for press conferences to distribute 1 red microphone to 20 send stations or recording devices galvanically separated, 2 x Inputs: XLR / f (one balanced input for microphone and line level, optionally switchable), GND lift switch, Outputs: 20 XLR.
    Palmer PPB 20 Press-Box »

    16959 SEK


  • Palmer PPB 20 Press-Box Stereo

    Palmer PPB 20 S Press-Box Stereo, Stereo Press Box, Audio Splitter 2, Is used for press conferences, in order to distribute 1 speech microphone to 20 sending stations or recording devices galvanically separated, 2 Line inputs: XLR / female optionally mono-summable, GND lift switch, Outputs: 20x XLR / m.
    Palmer PPB 20 Press-Box Stereo »

    16360 SEK


  • Palmer PLI-03

    Palmer PLI-03, Line Isolation Box, 2-Channel isolation transformer, Diecast aluminium housing, RCA inputs and outputs, Ideal for suppressing hum loops in hi-fi racks or eliminating light machine noises in the car hi-fi range, 5 Year warranty.
    Palmer PLI-03 »

    997 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 02

    Palmer PAN 02, Active DI Box, 1 Channel, Operable with battery or phantom power, Pad switch (0 dB / -30 dB), Input jack link, Symmetric XLR output, 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
    Palmer PAN 02 »

    597 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 04

    Palmer PAN 04, Passive DI Box, Direct injection, 2-Channel, PAD switch (0dB/-30dB), Jack as an input connector, Balanced XLR output, Input impedance: 68 Ohm, Output impedance: 600 Ohms, Transfer ratio: 10: 1, Maximum output level: +6 dBu, 5 year warranty.
    Palmer PAN 04 »

    721 SEK


  • Palmer PLI-05 Isolation Box

    Palmer PLI-05 Isolation Box, 2-Channel Isolating Transformer, In die-cast aluminium housing, Jack inputs and outputs, Ideal for clearing interference from stereo signals, 5-Year manufacturer's warranty.
    Palmer PLI-05 Isolation Box »

    1109 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 03 Passive

    Palmer PAN 03 Passive, Passive 4-channel DI box, Transformer balanced XLR outputs, Input impedance: 68 kOhm, Output impedance: 600 Ohm, Ratio: 10: 1, Max.
    Palmer PAN 03 Passive »

    1796 SEK


  • Palmer PDI-09

    Palmer PDI-09, Guitar DI-Box@+A special DI box for guitar players. For pre-amplifiers (line signal) or amplifiers. PDI09 enables direct recording of guitar signals into the mixer without a microphone. Integrated filter circuits simulate the authentic ""speaker"" sound.
    Palmer PDI-09 »

    933 SEK


  • Palmer PEABO Switcher

    Palmer PEABO Switcher, Balanced output switch, 1x XLR input, 2x XLR output, Switchable 15 dB pad for channel A, 6 dB and 15 dB pad for channel B, Switchable GND Lift, Large foot switch, Grey metal housing.
    Palmer PEABO Switcher »

    658 SEK


  • Palmer PMB-L Merge box

    Palmer PMB-L Merge Box, Line summer/merger, isolated signal combiner@+When mixing electrical signals, the sources can affect each other. Decoupling resistors can reduce the effect, but lossless mixing is only possible with an active circuit.
    Palmer PMB-L Merge box »

    2395 SEK


  • Palmer PBC Drawer 9V

    Palmer PBC Drawer 9V, 9V charging drawer for Palmer PBC charger; charges two 9V accus parallel.
    Palmer PBC Drawer 9V »

    134 SEK


  • Palmer PLI 04

    Palmer PLI 04, Passive 2-Channel DI Box, 2x Jack in, 2x RCA in, 1x 3.
    Palmer PLI 04 »

    1519 SEK


  • Palmer PLS-02 Line Splitter

    Palmer PLS-02 Line Splitter, Line Splitt Box ""1 in 3""@+Passive two-channel line split box. It is preferably used in order to be able to distribute a (line) signal source to a plurality of inputs. For example, the L / R master outputs of a mixing console can easily be split into several output stages.
    Palmer PLS-02 Line Splitter »

    1663 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 48

    Palmer PAN 48, 2-Channel Phantom power, Suitable for condenser microphones and active DI boxes, XLR in/out, Fixed power cord, LED Indicator, External phantom power, On/Off switch, Dimensions: approx.
    Palmer PAN 48 »

    1367 SEK


  • Palmer MI DMS

    Palmer MI DMS, Switch for dynamic microphones, Suitable as a switch for communication with technicians, as a splitter for different microphone inputs and for different zones, and more, 1 XLR input, 2 XLR outputs, Foot switch - switches only when pressed, With Ground / Lift switch.
    Palmer MI DMS »

    498 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 04A

    Palmer PAN 04A, Active 2-Channel DI-Box, Switchable pad: 0/-30 dB, 2 Jack inputs, 2 Jack link outputs, 2 Balanced XLR outputs, Balanced XLR mix output, Switchable ground lift per channel, Input impedance: 1 MOhm, Output impedance: 200 Ohm, Max. input level: +45 dBu, Max.
    Palmer PAN 04A »

    1432 SEK


  • Palmer PMS-02 Mikrofon Splitter

    Palmer PMS-02 Microphonw Splitter, Microphone split box, 2-Channel splitter box 1"" in 3"", Aluminium diecast housing, Per channel: One XLR input (female) parallel jack, XLR (male), two XLR outputs (male) via an isolating transformer 1: 1, Nominal level: 0 dB, Maximum level: +20 dB, Nominal impedance for.
    Palmer PMS-02 Mikrofon Splitter »

    1774 SEK


  • Palmer PAN 03

    Palmer PAN 03, Active DI Box, Size: 19""/1U, 90 mm deep, 4 Channels, XLR output is also available as a parallel port on the back, The active circuitry allows for a high input impedance of 1 Mohm and greater sensitivity of the input signal (typical difference between in and out: -4 dB), Max.
    Palmer PAN 03 »

    2594 SEK


  • Palmer PRMMS Micro-Splitter

    Palmer PRM-MS Micro-Splitter, Passive microphone splitter, 4 Channels, Nominal impedance of the inputs / outputs: 200 Ohm, Max.
    Palmer PRMMS Micro-Splitter »

    2994 SEK


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